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My name is Dan Callahan and I am a human service professional for over thirty years.  I work with men and women with various challenges including substance use, alcohol use issues including; depression and anxiety, and other life issues.

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At South West Florida Counseling and Therapy we recognize the need for individualized and flexible life counseling and therapy.  We are keenly aware that we all have value in this world and are entitled to happiness and free from any mental hardships we may face.  Finding the right therapist or counselor can be a challenge. Often the added expense on top of what you are facing in life adds to the frustration. 

My short term approach is to focus on what it is you want to achieve in your life, identify the blocks, and assist you to set a plan of action to achieve peace and serenity.  I utilize the modality of Motivational Interviewing which is the “questioning and seeking insight” approach as opposed to a directive approach. Over the years it has become apparent that labeling people, then directing people into what the counselor believes will bring normalcy to the individual is like playing God!

I recognize that your joy and your normal is yours and defined by you.  You may have goals and purpose in life that you simply have not fully uncovered or brought to reality yet.  I will help you identify and find your joy!

Our commitment to you is to protect your privacy, respect your dignity and goals, and to walk with you through the storms of life one step at a time…

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How to Choose a Therapist or Counselor

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