Always Do What’s Right

My philosophy in life and business has been quite simple, “Always Do What is Right.”  Always take the next right step! I take this principle seriously, of course like any other human being I have fallen short at times.  However, what is the next right step after failure? Amends! As quickly as possible, I strive to amend my actions and do what I can to right the wrong.  

Living a life of regret and shame does no good for anyone.  Most human beings make mistakes, sometimes they make a mistake with the “Screw It” attitude.   They rebel against their own principles or values. Does that make them hypocrites? Usually not, as when they eventually come to terms with their shortcoming they begin to amend the actions and work on the solution(s) available to them to rectify the damage done, prevent the same mistake next time and to not allow the issue to create a sense of unnecessary shame or guilt.  

Guilt and shame are the emotions that assist us in recognizing that past behaviors are no longer acceptable to us as honest, mindful, and caring people.  An excess of guilt and shame could also be extremely damaging to one’s self-image, belief in themselves and their future and may lead to a depressed state or depression.  

If guilt and shame are playing havoc in your life counseling or therapy may be a step to take in order to alleviate the damage done to yourself, your relationships and your future.  At Southwest Florida Counseling and Therapy we know the ramifications of guilt and shame and how to help you address the emotions, alleviate the damage done and prepare for a better future.  Give us a call at 239-687-9198.