April is Alcohol Awareness Month

It seems like every month is some kind of Awareness Month, and every topic is an important topic!  April was designated in 1987 by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (Now titled, Facing Addiction with NCADD).   

Excessive alcohol use as an issue has become overlooked in today’s landscape with Opioid Dependence taking center stage!  But, alcohol-related deaths probably outnumber Opioid death significantly. Think about this, alcohol is considered a co-carcinogen thus, how many cancer deaths can be attributed in some way to alcohol abuse?  Often, overdose deaths are poly-substance-related with alcohol typically one of the substances. Alcohol often plays a role in death by suicide. Accidental death via Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or listed in some States like New York as Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), other accidents from dangerous stunts under the influence, we have all seen some crazy things done by college students on spring break!  I can continue to list the ways alcohol plays a role in various types of death, illness, and accidents but you get the point.

Alcohol (use) awareness is key to our countries future.  For many of us that have been afflicted with alcoholism either as an individual or within our immediate family, we are keenly aware of the damages that are done.  For those of us without this issue and none we are aware of in our immediate family, we also have extended family or friends that are afflicted or at the very least affected by the excessive use of alcohol.

Getting someone or even looking for help ourselves is often a battle.  No one wants to admit defeat to the bottle. In fact, the contradictions in the effects of alcohol overuse play(s) havoc in our minds.  We find it difficult to come to terms with the idea that we are alcoholic or even a problem drinker. We can not fathom living life without some use of alcohol!  We look at those that do not drink because “they do not like alcohol” as prudes! Often even those that do not drink will have a toast on New Years or a wedding or other special occasion!  Living alcohol-free is beyond our conception let alone labeling ourselves as an alcoholic!

At South West Florida Counseling and Therapy we do not focus on a label, we focus on you and how alcohol plays a role in your life.  We will assist you in the exploration of how you can address issues identified by yourself or even those identified by a family member, friend, or other significant individuals in your life.  Give us a call for a free exploratory session to see how you can address any potential challenges you may face. Our number is (239) 687-9198 call today!