Spiritual Direction

“Much of spiritual life is self-acceptance, maybe all of it.” -Jack Kornfield

Many people find spirituality difficult to embrace. The reason for most challenges lies within their perceived definition of spirituality. There are several issues regarding spirituality, including; does God exist? Or is there a god? Notice the capitalization or lack thereof. What do you think that represents? If you are struggling with accepting the Twelve Step approach, spirituality often stands at the root of the issue. If any of this rings true, you may need spiritual guidance.

But who do you seek help from? A Pastor? Is it possible they will have a biased approach? How about a secular counselor? Will they answer your questions or help you defer them while you “just go to meetings?” How about an Atheist? Do you want proof that there is no creator of the universe?

If you struggle with these questions or similar issues that haunt and maybe even prevent you from overcoming addiction or alcoholism, give me a call and set up spiritual counseling sessions with me. My name is Dr. Dan Callahan, and I have faced these same questions and issues and can help you to overcome the dilemma and frustration and release yourself from the bind you find yourself in. Recovery is possible, peace and joy are attainable, and you can overcome them!