It was an early Sunday morning that I was desperately looking for good care for my son. He was struggling with severe depression and alcoholism. Unfortunately , my son had received some poor care in the past, making things worse! I believe God intervened when Dan answered the phone. I shared how bad my son was hurting and struggling. Dan responded with compassion and concern. He told me he was going to do everything he could to help and he did just that! It felt like a lifeline was finally being sent our way!

My son received excellent care from the minute he arrived. He was taught skills to help him in all areas of his life. I was told I could call everyday to see how he was doing. Every single person I spoke to was kind and helpful. The counselors provided me with encouragement and offered guidance of how to help my son and myself through this difficult time!

That was six years ago. Today my son is happy and healthy. Living life to the fullest. He went onto get his Masters Degree and pay it forward to help others. I will be “ forever” grateful for Dan and all that he did to help my son.

“ Where there is life, there is hope”

My name is Dan P, and my personal therapeutic journey in Recovery would have never been possible without Dan Callahan. My life as a methamphetamine addict and alcoholic was driven by hopelessness, guilt, and shame. I could not go on another day disappointing my family when I reached out to Dan. I was once a successful professional in an incredible relationship and I found myself failing in all areas of my life. I was lost and did not think recovery was possible. I always pondered “How could my life have ended up this bad?” I came from a wonderful family and was deeply loved by so many friends – and yet I felt so alone and was struggling internally daily. Through my personal process and my allowing Dan Callahan to help me – life got drastically better. I began to slowly but steadily accept life on life’s terms and my hope began to grow. I began to realize the care I was getting was far superior to any treatment I may have sought out in the past. I believed in the motivational and positive therapy Dan was using to move me through this desperate time in my life. It was not the flight from reality approaches I was given before – it was real and he walked me through my struggles and a solution was provided. I met the help I was being provided with my own willingness to change – and my life today has become a success. Even at low points in my life and normal everyday struggles that everyone has, my depression has yet to return to that horrifying time back in 2013. Many years have passed and I can say what Dan has taught me has benefitted my family and career exponentially. It was the work and efforts Dan provided me that motivated my to seek a career in the Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder field. My success can be attributed to many things I do daily mentally, spiritually, and physically – however without Dan’s help I may not have been here to type this today. It was Dan Callahan’s dedication to my process that started this journey and helped me break the bondage of addiction, PTSD, severe anxiety, and depression. I am eternally grateful.

I had the fortunate opportunity to work with Dan as a client over 6 years ago, which as a result, was a major turning point in my life. His compassion and humanistic approach to the counseling relationship was something I had not come across when seeking counseling services in the past from other therapists. When I started working with him I was struggling with depression and alcoholism, which was destroying my life, and the lives of those who loved me. Since working with Dan, I have accomplished many goals in my professional life and now have closer more meaningful connections with my loved ones. I still refer back to some of the skills I learned from him, when facing new challenges in my life. I recommend his services to anyone seeking both expertise and genuineness in the counseling relationship.