What to Expect

I recognize that money is a primary source of stress in our daily lives.  Unfortunately, health insurance does not adequately cover mental health issues.  The insurers do all they can to prevent you from utilizing your insurance. Therefore, I do not accept health insurance.  However, I will assist you with any paperwork to attempt to recover your funds.  Additionally, my approach is a short term goal-directed approach.  You can expect an average of three months of sessions, my experience shows that short term goal-directed counseling is prudent and in the clients best interest.  More importantly, there is value in locating and utilizing the right counselor or therapist.  Over the years I have found that the things we get for free we tend to minimize or take for granted and the price is only an issue in the absence of value. With this in mind, I have a monthly payment option to minimize your expenditure.

Initial assessment and informational session (80 minutes): $225 this is waived if you choose the monthly payment option and is included as your first monthly session.

Four session payment option (50 minutes): $400 this option is for four individual sessions paid in advance. It is a nonrefundable monthly fee, to reschedule a weekly session you must do so with 24 hours advanced notice.   

Individual session payment option (50 minutes):  $110 per session.  

My strict policy requires a 24-hour advanced notice for cancellation.  Monthly payments are due on your start date anniversary.